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July 10 *OR* July 17 Summer Cafe with Pastor Clark: Crashing Convention, Moving Forward

On June 23-4, 2022, the Indiana District of the LCMS held its Triennial Convention. One major motion had some really strong things to say about how the Church should address questions of race, economics, and gender. Pastor Clark almost “broke” the Convention offering a substitute motion calling for more discussion – which ultimately failed. Pastor Clark is now committed to finding other ways to intervene at the local, District, and Synod-wide level in the very near future.

Since this future intervention could involve St. Peter acting as a congregation, and because he more generally values your input as brothers and sisters in faith, Pastor Clark invites you to stay for 30-40 minutes after Sunday worship on EITHER July 10 OR July 17 (same presentation both days) to hear and discuss:

If possible, you can prepare by reading the original motion and Pastor Clark’s substitute:

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