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Hannah’s House Project Reaches Completion!

In the Spring of 2022, we voted as a congregation to apply for the Million Dollar Life Match Grant from the national Life Ministry office of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. By the grace and provision of God, that application was accepted in Fall 2022. Next, YOU all raised over $10,000 to complete the funding for the effort!

When Spring 2023 rolled around, the project began. We landscaped all around the house, a tree was cut down that was growing through the fence, the fence was repaired, and a massive 24-foot x 24-foot deck was constructed!

Pastor Clark served as Project Coordinator while our newly-elected Congregational President, Brian Reedstrom, served as Project Foreman. Mid-way through the project, we discovered that since the House is technically a (non-profit) “business,” the City required a Licensed Contractor to pull full permits and supervise the project. Vance Csaszar, son of Bruce and Sharon, stepped into the gap! He worked for free and also helped us engage carpenter Tim Bauer at a vastly-reduced rate. Between them, Brian Reedstrom, Vance Csaszar, and Tim Bauer put in close to 250 hours to get this project to the finish line!

Along the way, a host of St. Peter members (and one RLA Development Director) contributed time: Pastor Borger, Pastor Clark, Elena Clark, Emma Clark, Darryl Henk, Dave Homann, Krista Hunt, Rob Hunt 4.0, Halrun Luppes, Jeff Luppes, Keith Miller, Christy Muhlenkamp, Drew Muhlenkamp, Cooper Rockwell, Evan Rockwell, Jeff Rockwell, Matt Rockwell, Brian Ruch, Cindy Schroeder, John Schroeder, Don Smessaert, Donald Swift, Karen Waldron, and Mark Waldron. Together, they contributed another 115 hours!

As you can see from the pictures above, already the improvements are presenting a more welcoming face to the community and a more welcoming environment for moms, kids, and staff. For the first time, the extra large deck has allowed everyone to be outside comfortably at the same time!

While this special project is now reaching its conclusion, our relationship with Hannah’s House is not.

We give thanks to God for his provision of these opportunities to reach out, serve, and build relationships–in our community and in support of God’s gift of life!

+ Soli Deo Gloria! +

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