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Gathered by the Long Arms of the Cross!

At St. Peter, we seek to live into all the ways God connects us with Himself and each other– both as the Church (see Spiritual Care) and with our neighbors (see Outreach).

Our congregation was founded in 1847. But since moving into our present building in 1979, we have been guided by a vision anchored to the distinctive Cross in our Sanctuary: God connects us as we are Gathered by the Long Arms of the Cross, which are wide enough to embrace everyone. Together we receive the Father’s grace in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and learn to follow Jesus as his disciples. All this happens through a focus on worship, bible study, servanthood and building connections in the Church and in our community.

Could you be a piece missing from the beautiful puzzle, picture, and family God is putting together here at St. Peter? Come and see!

Office Hours:
Tu/Th: 9am-12pm
F: “Flex” (call to see)

Bryan Borger, Senior Pastor
Adam Clark, Outreach Pastor
Renee Peggs, Ministry Coordinator

Sunday Summer Schedule

  • Divine Worship: 9am (May 28 – September 3)
  • Education Hour in recess for the summer. Resumes September 10

Connect with Stephen Ministry

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