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Sunday School

3 age groups: from toddler to teen!

Sunday School is designed to support parents in their Vocation of Christian Parenting. The competition for the life commitment of our child is intense. Many voices offer false promises. Instruction of children is easily turned over to TV, comics, video games, advertising and peers. Sunday School is designed to share the stories of Jesus and other Bible stories with the children and through the stories, to help the children to know Jesus as a friend. Weekly Sunday School and Worhship are here to nurture the parents and children in the Christian faith.

Young Families Group

Encouraging families to connect, support and strengthen each other, this ministry group joins families from St. Peter and the community for fun, informal get-togethers at someone’s home and for community events. The group typically meets every other month with families attending as many or as few gatherings as their schedule allows.  The entire group currently counts close to 20 families, though usually 5-10 attend any given gathering.  Most have children aged 0-13 years, and we do enjoy supporting each other as we raise our kids.  But all young families are welcome, including young couples without children!  To get connected, contact the Church Office at church@splcm.org or 255-5585.  We’d love to see you!


Music at St. Peter is a ministry, serving our Lord and His people. Our philosophy is that music is not the focus, but an integral part of the Divine Service. This congregation, the body of Christ “Gathered By the Cross” at St. Peter, is encouraged and led in singing the service by a committed Adult Choir (which includes teenagers). The Choir practices on Wednesday evenings, generally from September through May. In addition, the Handbell Choir, the Children’s Choir and small choral and instrumental ensembles are often involved in offering musical gifts in worship at St. Peter. Young pianists, organists and instrumentalists are encouraged to contribute their gifts as well.

All music ministries are open to any interested persons regardless of prior experience or musical expertise. We welcome you as we strive to increase our numbers and the gifts we can offer to our worship at St. Peter. You may talk with any choir member, director or organist for more information. Rehearsal times are on the calender under the Church-Info webpage.

Liturgical Dance

The mission of the liturgical dance choir is to dance Christ crucified. We dance for God’s glory and to help others know and understand God through visual expression of the liturgy, hymns, and Scriptures.


Assembling Braille Bibles in multiple languages for the Visually Impairend around the world.

Resurrection Lutheran Academy – RLA

RLA is planted, nurtured, and growing by the Cross. RLA provides a  Christ centered environment for academic excellence while cultivating a lifetime of spiritual growth and service to God.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

Resurrection Lutheran School is accredited by NLSA.  It successfully completed the rigorous national accrediting process designed to evaluate schools based on their unique purpose as a Lutheran school. This process helps schools to evaluate the  quality of their academics and programs on an ongoing basis. It also helps to improve the spiritual dimension of the school.

Resurrection Lutheran Academy and Preschool are owned and operated by the Michiana Lutheran Education Association, Inc. (MLEA). MLEA operates under the doctrine and practices of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, with its membership open to all Lutheran congregations in the greater South Bend area.  Through MLEA, Resurrection Lutheran Academy provides a Christ-centered Lutheran education for families in the community.

Come see what RLA can offer to your child.  Call (574) 272-2200 for an appointment with Principal Michelle Megyese.

St Peter Youth (SPY)

At St. Peter we offer opportunities for youth and adults to experience, as well as share, the Gospel with others in our congregation and in our community. As activities are offered year round, so also are service events, designed to give youth the experience of serving others, just as Christ did.

St. Peter’s Youth group, known as SPY, includes Junior and Senior groups of youth from grades 6 to 12. We participate in a number of activities throughout the school year, as well as the summer. Bible studies, retreats, youth gatherings and other activities are scheduled throughout the year to accommodate busy schedules and family time.

Our commitment is to provide these activities and outreach events to help nurture the growth of faith in youth and adults who have a desire to learn and serve others in any way they are able. 

Check out our events list on Facebook to see what is going on with the youth.

Sewing Group

Partnering with Lutheran World Relief, we provide quilts for those in need locally and around the world.  From the LWR website: “Imagine the comfort and care you feel when you snuggle under a comforter or wear a piece of clothing made or worn by a loved one. That’s the feeling your share through an LWR Mission Quilt. Useful for shielding against the cold and rain, and for warm bedding, quilts can also be purposed as simple tents, floor coverings, or a wrap to hold a baby on a mother’s back. In a simple combination of fabric and thread, we reach out to people in their time of greatest need with a strong message of hope – you are not alone.”

Women of St. Peter

Women of St. Peter an organization open to any woman in the congregation. The group works within the congregation in various ways to meet a variety of mission and community needs within the church and the city of Mishawaka. The money for these projects is obtained by making our famous Cheeseballs. These cheeseballs have been found in Indianapolis and Florida where they are known as the “Lutheran Cheeseballs”.

The group helps a Seminary Student each year with monetary support. They try to stay with the same student
until he graduates.

Other projects in include a Christmas Giving Tree, Fiesta Chili Bowl, Easter breakfast, College Boxes to St. Peter students before finals, Story Bags for children to use during church service, host reception for new Confirmands, serve Funeral dinners if needed, and take meals to members of congregation who are ill, have had surgery or a new baby. The group sells Scrip for various stores and restaurants with savings given to St. Peter General Fund and work together with LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League).

M.A.C. Food Pantry

Mishawaka Alliance of Care (M.A.C.)
The M.A.C. Food Pantry food pantry services anyone from the City of Mishawaka that is in need of food.  The pantry is supported by area churches and organizations of the Mishawaka area and is housed and operated by Albright Church – 504 W. Mishawaka Ave. • Mishawaka, Indiana.   

The pantry, which is open every Tuesday from 6-8 pm and every Friday from 10:00 am to noon, is manned by volunteers from Albright Church and other area churches. All food to stock the pantry is donated by people like you, other churches or through monetary donations. 100% of all monetary donations goes to purchase food. St. Peter’s designated night to volunteer is the 4th Tuesday of every month form 6-8p.m.

Donations of food and money are always welcomed and needed. Please mark your donations “M.A.C. Food Pantry”.  Several times a year reminder slips are distributed with suggested food donations; however, the need is always there so please bring donations anytime and put them in the collection box at the entryway.  Every Tuesday the food is counted, weighed, and delivered to Albright for distribution. Your generosity has been amazing.  The weekly pantry tally is recorded in the weekly Sunday Announcement handout.

St. Peter really does make a difference at the pantry.  Albright, always looking forward to the food delivery, greets St. Peter with smiles and a big, “We love you guys!”  Thanks be to God for your help!  Remember, your are making a difference. If you have any question or would like to volunteer please let us know.

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