Thanks for your willingness to serve the Body of Christ as an Usher in God’s House!

Please prepare by reviewing the list below and watching the linked videos. There is also a button to download a copy if you want. A copy is posted in the Usher’s Closet and extras are available on the sidebar in the office.

Usher Duties

Prep and Welcome (arrive 20 minutes early, e.g. 9:55am)

  • At Usher’s Closet with Supervising Usher
    • Walk through turning on lights and sound (amp powerbar)
    • Locate Bell Switch and ring a few times (so you can ring it later, at Lord’s Prayer)
  • Acolyte and Crucifer Assist (and Sub as Needed)
    • Make sure Candlelighter is ready to go with wick out; slide up if needed.
    • Make sure Processional Cross is present in stand at back near font (not front)
    • If no acolyte shows by 10:10am, go ahead and light the candles, remembering to bow as you go up on the altar and again when you come off it.
  • Welcome and Hospitality
    • Pay attention to worship folders; if they seem like they are running out, alert Matt Rockwell or Sam Homann; if you can’t find either, tell a pastor.
    • As service begins, take over from Greeters – welcome any latecomers with a smile and a worship folder; make sure they can find a seat easily.
    • Have a seat after 10 minutes or so.  Keep an eye out for any other latecomers.

Offering and Communion Liturgy

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