Announcements for April 5

A Word from Your Ministry Coordinator

There will be no April Connections at this time. If there will be a May Connections will be determined at a later date. Talks could happen about possibly just using this platform for ongoing Connections material instead of the way we have done it in the past; but, again, no conversations are scheduled yet. One thing at a time.

I am working from home for the time being and available to you via email which I check daily as well as the church voicemail at 574-255-5585 so feel free to reach out to me for anything. Fill me in on how you are doing, what you are doing to stay sane, and other fascinating tidbits about you. I will be reaching out to groups via email as time goes on for updates to add here just to keep the congregation in the loop and feel connected.

(1) Worship Schedule

Go to our WordPress Category On-Line Worship” posts for complete schedule and PDF worship folders.

(2) Go To Meeting (GTM) Bible Studies online! Get in on the action!

GTM Sunday Morning Bible Study, @ 9:15-10:00am. Contact Pastor Clark at

GTM Wednesday Morning Bible Study @ 10:00-11:30am. Contact Kim Eveler at

GTM Friday Bible Study, @ NOON. Contact Vickie Hess at

GTM Saturday Night Bible Study. Contact John Schroeder for details at

(3) Prayer Requests

Prayer requests will be posted here on our WordPress “Prayer Request” on Tuesdays. Any prayers emailed to Jenna at or called into the church voicemail at 574-255-5585 will be added as well as the names, and first names only, that are given in the comments section of our worship service on Sundays on Facebook.

(4) Sunday School Update

Krista Hunt would like the kids of St Peter to access the Word via It’s a great thing to have and use while we are not gathering in person at this time.

(5) Easter Flowers

Annette Winterrowd has returned money received for Easter flowers by mail at this time. There will be 6 lily plants purchased for Easter Sunday service, Lord willing. If you need to contact Annette, please email her at

(6) RLA News

The Dale Timm Golf Outing fundraiser scheduled for August is in need of a chairperson to take over for Dave Gedde who has moved away. If you would like more information to better make a decision whether this is a great opportunity to use your skill set, please contact Jackie Homann at or Mike Fonck at

The school is obviously doing home-based learning: worksheets, online learning, Zoom classroom meetings so kids can see each other. Pray for our kiddos during this new normal for them and for all the parents and caregivers that are now responsible for helping their students navigate these strange and different waters.

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  1. RLA needs our help to support those families whose are having lay offs so they can continue to send their kids to RLA, who is working hard to teach and bring God’s word to them. Our teachers and administrators are amazing. If you’d like to help, we’ve set up an emergency scholarship fund. Just send your check to RLA with that note on it.
    God bless you for your prayers for our staff and students!

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