Announcements for April 16th


Connect to download the Worship Folder and then connect to Facebook Live by clicking this link.

(A) NOTE to frustrated “Facebook Live” VIEWERS:

If the “Facebook Live Worship” is too “glitchy” to watch “live“, we will upload the recorded service onto our Facebook page after the “live” stream is finished. Just quit everything and wait until the recorded service is uploaded at about 11:45 am. It will appear as a regular “post” on our main Facebook page. You can also find it in the “videos” section.

(B ) Notes if your Facebook Live totally freezes:

  1. We recommend completely closing and quitting your whole web browser and then coming back to our Facebook address and “live” post for a fresh “feed.”
  2. If it is still frozen, some folks have found they need to clear their browser’s “history” to get a fresh feed.
  3. If there is a problem on our end and we need to “restart,” the restart will appear as a NEW (different) “live” post. So when you’re having trouble, close and quit your browser, and come back in, also keep your eyes open for a possible “new” live post.

(C ) Sharing Facebook Live:

Please also feel free to share our Facebook live streaming services on your own Facebook pages as well as “host a watch party.” You can also share our blog on your page as well. There is a post pinned to the top of our Facebook page for easy access. Just hit share and make it public on your pages. The more people we can bring to the long arms of the cross, the better. Sharing is caring.


Since we are not operating in our normal capacity, your checks mailed into the office may have longer periods of time to clear with your bank, upwards of a month. So do be patient but contact David Luster-Bartz if you do get concerned.


I posted an update from Krista Hunt regarding resources for Sunday School kids. Please refer to that post here.


Please feel free to email prayer requests as well as personal updates directly to me at Also, please “CC” Pastor Borger and Pastor Clark your prayer requests at (PB will forward to PC), so that they will get them in real time. I will then post them privately on our community blog. The goal is to post prayers on Tuesdays and a personal update daily. I will get all the prayer requests you post in the comments section on our live services (both during the live and if you watch and post after the live ends – I will see both) so no need to email me those. Please continue to post weekly for continuing prayers so the prayer request continues. Prayers will not be repeated for 2-3 weeks like we have done in the past.


I want to keep the community feel of St Peter by posting a daily update (Tuesday-Thursday) about how members of St Peter are coping and passing the time. We are better together, am I right? Yes. Please email me at the email above what your family is doing, how they are doing, things they are learning etc. during this strange time. I have recently posted updates from the Luppes and Hunt families. Go to the Personal Updates section to read more.


There is a small team of tech savvy geeks at your disposal. Please email Jenna at the email above OR call the office and leave a voicemail at 574-255-5585. Just hit # to skip the greeting and leave your message WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER. Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


396 lbs. was donated this week. Thank you, Cindy Matthews, for continuing to drop off donations to them from St Peter!


RLA needs our help to support those families whose are having lay-offs, so they can continue to send their kids to RLA, where everyone is working hard still to teach and bring God’s word to them. Our teachers and administrators are amazing. If you’d like to help, we’ve set up an emergency scholarship fund. Just send your check to RLA with the memo: emergency scholarship fund.
God bless you for your prayers for our staff and students!
The MLEA Board

(9) SUNDAY BIBLE STUDY CONTINUES – 9:15 am on Go To Meeting

We will continue our “COVID and BEYOND” bible study this Sunday at 9:15am. This week’s topic: prayer, starting with our congregational theme: Pray with Confidence!

To get on to the Sunday Morning Bible Study Meeting Room on Go To Meeting, check out the instructions at:

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