How will it all turn out?

Basic answer: we don’t how everything will turn out in the post-COVID world (any more than we knew how everything will turn out in the pre-COVID world).

But we do know all things ultimately must work to the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28). And we often are also surprised by what God chooses to do–as in the following story from Christianity Today’s “Today in Christian History”:

April 17, 1937: With Mussolini’s troops occupying Ethiopia, Sudan Interior Mission missionaries who had started a small church among the previously devil-worshiping Wallamo tribe are forced to leave the country. “We knew God was faithful,” one missionary wrote. “But still we wondered—if we ever come back, what will we find?” The missionaries returned in July 1943 to find that, despite severe persecution by Italian soldiers, the Christian community had grown from 48 members to 18,000.

–Christianity today story submitted by Vickie Hess

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