Gathering Meditation for Worship On the Road to Emmaus – 3rd Sunday of Easter, 4/26

From Henri J.M. Nouwen, With Burning Hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life, 1994.

Perhaps many of these dark losses are far away from most of us; maybe they belong to the world of newspapers and television screens, but nobody can escape the agonizing losses that are part of our everyday existence-the loss of our dreams.  We had thought so long of ourselves as successful, liked, and deeply loved.  We had hoped for a life of generosity, service, and self sacrifice.  We had planned to become forgiving, caring, and always gentle people.  We had a vision of ourselves as reconcilers and peacemakers. But somehow-we aren’t even sure of what happened- we lost our dream.  We became worrying, anxious people clinging to the few things we had collected and exchanging with one another news of the political, social, and ecclesiastical scandals of the day.  It is this loss of spirit that is often hardest to acknowledge and most difficult to confess.

Published by Padre Bryan

I am the Senior Pastor of St. Peter Lutheran Church and I look forward the mutual encouragement of the stories of faith and life that we share with each other! We are the stories we tell ourselves.

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