Announcements for April 30th

  1. This Sunday’s Events

Reminder of special events happening this Sunday, May 3rd regarding confirmands and the Lord’s Supper. Refer to PC’s email of Tuesday, April 28th.

Click HERE for this week’s worship folder for Facebook Live at 10:15am.

2. Pierce Family Meal Train

Alex Pierce is finally having his ankle surgery and a Meal Train has been set up. An email with the link was sent out with information or click HERE for details.

3. Face Masks Available

Jill Reedstrom has 40 face masks available for anyone who would like one. Refer to PB’s private post for her contact information.

4. Technology Updates and Thank Yous

First, a big thank you to anonymous donors of a Google Nest Wifi Mesh Network to the Church. Along with an upgrade to our bandwith level at AT&T, this gift is helping improve our broadcast quality!

Second, another big thank you to the nine people who have volunteered to be part of a Tech Team that ultimately will enable broadcasts to continue even “after COVID” as a tool for outreach and ministry to those who are shut-in or temporarily away. With this team in place, we will now pursue the grant opportunity for improved technology with the Eli Lilly Foundation.

5. Personal Updates to Jenna

I have sent out some individual emails about wanting to know how and what you are doing during these crazy times and instead of emailing individuals, I am inviting you ALL to update me! Are you ok being quarantined? (Except for about 8 hours total, today is day 48 of being home for me.) Working from home? (About 10 hrs/wk Tuesday-Thursday) How’s that e-learning going? (Personally, my 15 yo is on my last nerve but I’m trying to give myself “come to Jesus talks” often and offering him grace during all this weirdness.) What are you doing to stay busy? (I am watching foodie travel shows while making earrings – lots & lots of earrings – to sell in my Etsy shop while spending all my profits online shopping for yet more jewelry making supplies.) Please email me at so I can inform the rest of the congregation on what everyone is up to. There is strength in numbers. Be well, my people. Love & virtual ((hugs)), Jenna

6. MAC Food Pantry

554 # has been donated this week. God bless the people still operating the pantry because it is so desperately needed right now.

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