Adult Bible Studies: Fall 2020

General Information:
·  Email the contact listed for the group you want to join for more info or to sign-up.
·  Click “Zoom” at the top right for up-to-date instructions and links for all groups except for Tuesday Night, which has a special number (email PC).
·  In-person gatherings will utilize physical distancing, and we ask all participants to wear their masks, at a minimum, when physical distancing temporarily cannot be maintained (e.g. when moving to or from distanced seating)

Sunday Morning: The Theology of Communication and Politics

9:00-9:45am, starting 9/20

Leader/Contact: Pastor Clark,

Where: Sanctuary, or by Zoom

This study seeks a biblical conception of human communication and politics. We will consider how to use communication for the ends God intends, including connecting to Him in prayer and to each other in love, and what this looks like in the “digital age” of media and social media.  Specific prayer practices will be taught once a month.  We’ll also explore the root purposes God intends for our politics and how God’s Word empowers His Church to move beyond the Right-Left polarizations of the world.  Along the way, we’ll see how Scripture puts its own spin on Aristotle’s claim that human beings are necessarily political precisely because we are the “animals” that possess language (communication) and reason. Materials provided in class.

Tuesday Evening: Race and Racism in America

6:45-8:00pm, starting 9/22

Leader/Contact: Pastor Clark,

Where: Fellowship Hall, or by Zoom (*no meal or childcare this Fall – sorry!)

Please be sure to email Pastor Clark ASAP and no later than Friday, Sept 17 to let him know if you intend to come in-person or by Zoom, and to get all the passwords and links.

After recent events, tensions continue to be high in America as we debate what exactly race and racism “really are,” what “justice” means, and what to make of monuments, policing, protests, violence, personal and national identity, and the claim that “black lives matter.” But do we even understand the terms being used, much less the heart of the key criticisms on all sides of the most contentious questions?  Even more importantly, have you ever really studied the history and tried to understand its impact on the life of your neighbor today?  Discipleship to Christ, love of neighbor, and even “enlightened self-regard” press every Christian to inquire into and discuss these things, with the hope of fostering community in heart, mind, and action.  Accordingly, each week we will examine one aspect of “race and racism in America” through a careful selection of short passages from books, articles, and news stories “everyone is talking about” as well as from various histories, poetry, literature, music, and artwork.  Importantly, in addition to giving us deeper insights into race and racism, these sources also will enable us to see how the character and cultures developed by persons of color and “white folks at their best” points us, not only to fuller possibilities for being “American,” but also to fuller possibilities for being disciples—and simply, being humanYou may view a Tentative Syllabus of all topics and readings by clicking this link. All materials will be provided as PDFs or links. 

Wednesday Morning: TBD

Contact Kim Eveler,, if this time slot would work for you and you would be interested in collaborating to select a study.

Friday Noon: The Beatitudes

12-1pm, Starting 9/25

Contact: Vickie Hess,

Where: In-Person at Jones Obenchain (Jackie Homann’s Office), Key Bank Building 7th Floor, 202 S. Michigan Street, South Bend | Or by Zoom

Come explore the Beatitudes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, using the Rev. Dr. Paul Bretscher’s book, The World Up-Side Down or Right Side Up.  Prof. Bretscher was a friend and colleague of Pastor Mangelsdorf.  Relevant portions of the text will be provided to the group.

Friday Night: Praying with Confidence / Gifts of the Spirit

6:30-9:00pm, starting 9/25

Contact: Mike Fonck,

Where: Fellowship Hall, or by Zoom

The FNBS will resume in the midst of a seven-week study of “Praying with Confidence”—anyone can jump in!  After that, we have tentatively planned a study of the “Gifts of the Spirit,” based on a book by John Michael Talbot.

Saturday Night: The Johannine Letters (1, 2, and 3 John)

6:45-9:00pm, ongoing (next: 9/19)

Contact: John Schroeder,

Where: Zoom ONLY

Explore the letters of John the Evangelist using David R. Maxwell’s 1, 2, and 3 John: Love and Hate, Light and Darkness in the God’s Word for Today series by Concordia Publishing House.  Materials will be provided to participants.

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