Ministry Coordinator Says Good Bye For Now…

Dear St Peter Congregation, Below you will find my resignation letter that I gave to Pastor Borger this morning. I just wanted to add that it was one of the hardest decision I ever made regarding employment because I LOVE! St Peter SO MUCH…the job, yes, but the people even more. I have never walked away willingly from a job that I loved. This is new territory for me and it’s scary. Just know that although this decision was so very difficult, it was necessary. I am excited to see where this crazy jewelry journey takes me. I started this business just 16 short months ago and I never thought it would grow this much, this fast.Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. If you want to keep tabs on me or just see what the heck this jewelry thing is anyway, you can find me on social media at The Olive Tale.
I will miss you, Jenna xoxo

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