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A. Baptismal Candidate:

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D. Sponsors/Godparents for Candidate:

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A Christian Sponsor/Godparent is a person:

  • who confesses and is engaged in the Christian Faith, and 
  • who you entrust with the responsibility of participating in your child’s Christian faith formation and Christian education. 

Privileges a Sponsor/Godparent and St Peter Congregation share in nurturing the Baptismal Candidate:

  • Remembering the child in their prayers and frequently asking God to guard the child in body and soul; 
  • Placing the child in mind of their Baptism, sharing their faith with the child and the covenant God made with child in their Baptism; and
  • Encouraging opportunities for the child to be taught the Christian Faith, particularly in the Lutheran Christian tradition that the child is Baptized

Provide Name and Church Affiliation of one or more Sponsors/Godparents:

Note: If you do not have a Sponsor/Godparent, do not worry as sponsors are not a requirement.   Each member of the congregation in its ongoing ministry serves the role of a Sponsor/Godparent to all who are Baptized at St. Peter Lutheran Church. If none, write ‘None’ in box provided.