Sunday Worship Options for 8-30-20

Sunday Worship @ 9 am

Current Seating for (30) Household Groups in facility.
(approximately 90-100 people)
Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall (video) & Sunday School Wing (video)

CLICK on a Worship option (BLUE buttons)
and DOWNLOAD Worship materials (GREEN buttons)

Current Sunday Worship Downloads…

Facebook Live Hints and Helps

(A) Frustrated “Facebook Live” VIEWERS:

If the “Facebook Live Worship” is too “glitchy” to watch “live“, you might try Vimeo Live instead (see below for a comparison to Facebook).

If neither works well, note that we will upload the recorded service onto both Facebook and Vimeo immediately after the “live” stream is finished. Just quit everything and wait until the recorded service is uploaded at about 10:30 am. It will appear as a regular “post” on our main Facebook page. You can also find it in the “videos” section.

(B) Notes if your Facebook Live totally freezes

  1. We recommend completely closing and quitting your whole web browser and then coming back to our Facebook address and “live” post for a fresh “feed.”
  2. If it is still frozen, some folks have found they need to clear their browser’s “history” to get a fresh feed.
  3. If there is a problem on our end and we need to “restart,” the restart will appear as a NEW (different) “live” post. So when you’re having trouble, close and quit your browser, and come back in, also keep your eyes open for a possible “new” live post.

(C) Sharing Facebook Live

Please also feel free to share our Facebook live streaming services on your own Facebook pages as well as “host a watch party.” You can also share our blog on your page as well. There is a post pinned to the top of our Facebook page for easy access. Just hit share and make it public on your pages. The more people we can bring to the long arms of the cross, the better. Sharing is caring.

Facebook vs. Vimeo

There are three advantages to using 1) it uses a different “backbone network” (CDN) on the Web; this means that it has the potential to deliver a less glitchy connection to those who are geographically closer to its core servers (maybe you!), 2) it also allows for true High Definition (1080p), which our new cameras can deliver, whereas Facebook only does 720p, and 3) at the same time, Vimeo also automatically adjusts video size based on each person’s connection; so if you have a slower internet connection, it will automatically adjust the resolution to try to give you a smoother stream. In contrast, on Facebook, you have to manually adjust the resolution yourself (by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the video).

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