Summary and Prayer: PC on Crashing Convention, Moving Forward

This summer, Pastor Clark briefly brought the Indiana District Convention to a standstill with a resolution on how to proceed with regard to issues of Identity, Diversity, and Justice related to Race, Economics, and Gender. Twice in July after worship, Pastor Clark offered an overview of what happened, background events in society and our LCMS universities that got us here, and the next steps he is proposing. Several folks who could not attend asked for a summary of the July discussion. Here it is:

Many who attended also asked for help keeping in mind what we should pray for. With a little input from PC, Deaconess Amy Smessaert has formulated a wonderful prayer:

Finally, note especially the key next steps:

  • Following recommendations from the Convention, PC is seeking conversations with the Circuit (local LCMS pastors) and St. Peter, possibly in preparation for an overture to the 2023 National LCMS Convention. The major aim is more and better discussion and consensus-building.
  • PC is also seeking other conversation partners in the Synod’s regular channels, including the Commission on Theology and Church Relations.
  • PC is composing some short theses (hello, Marty Luther!) on Identity, Diversity, and Justice. These will be discussed at St. Peter in a 6-week Sunday Education Hour starting October 5 and then at a Circuit Meeting in November. These theses will attempt to identify the most important issues, what Scripture says, and what we most need to say and do–and not say and do–to be faithful and “move forward.” They are not “final”; rather, they are PC’s most concise and balanced take on the issues, intended to be sharpened by further discussion. Please come – and more on that mid-September!

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