Announcements for February 26, 2023


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Worship at 10:15am
Sunday Education Hour for all ages at 9am

Wednesday Evening Prayer Worship

Lenten Daily Devotionals

Available on Slat Wall Table in Narthex
or call the church office to request a copy.

Just as Moses wandered through the wilderness for forty days, God’s creation now wanders as we wait to be brought to our eternal promised land in heaven. During this time in Lent, reflect on the theme Promised Treasures in this daily devotional booklet. You’ll be led through a different item each week to see how each of these Old and New Testament elements will remind you of God’s eternal love for you in Christ. Take a moment each day to read through these personal devotions and center yourself with reflection as you move through the forty days of Lent toward His glorious resurrection.

The News

Support Kids Preparing for First Communion: Saturday, March 4, 9-10:15am

Your presence is requested for table discussions, blessings, and singing to help prepare our kids to “discern Jesus’s Body” in the form of the Church gathered at the altar (1 Cor 11)! If you are able to make it, please RSVP at:

To prepare for the discussion, you might think about the following questions:

  • Who in your family has been most known for their faith?
  • Who are your favorite bible characters?
  • What other Christians, past or present, do you “look up to” in the faith?
  • How does Communion help YOU “live connected” with others in the Body of Christ?

Renewal Grant: Sabbatical for Pastor Clark, Renewal for St. Peter

Overview: Applying for a grant from the Lilly Foundation that has two aims: 3+ month sabbatical for pastor; support the congregation in a parallel renewal.
At St. Peter: Pastor Clark would apply; Pastor Borger is seeking renewal by another process. Application Due: March 15, 2023; When it would happen: April 1-July 8, 2024

Renewal Committee (appointed by MLT): President Jeff Luppes, Treasurer Dave Luster-Bartz, Head Elder Chuck Ryan, Deaconess Amy Smessaert, At-large: Andrew and Ninette Deliyannides, and Pastors Borger and Clark

PC’s Themes: Family Renewal; Spiritual, Intellectual, and Ecumenical Pilgrimage
PC’s Activities: 1) Family time 2) Starting a book introducing the faith 3) Family pilgrimage to visit local churches in other traditions 4) PC and Christy pilgrimage to churches and culture in Europe (20th wedding anniversary) 5) Family pilgrimage to St. Louis (looking at our LCMS heritage, illumined by these wider connections)

Congregational commitments: 1) maintain Pastor Clark’s salary and benefits 2) contact him only in extreme emergencies. Duties covered by PB, Deaconess Amy, Elders, MLT, et al. Congregational opportunities: Funding is available for 1-2 significant events to renew congregational spirit and relationships. (Properties improvements are not eligible.)

Final Decision to Apply: Voter’s Assembly, Sunday March 5 after worship

Possible St. Peter Renewal Ideas from the Committee:

  1. “Spiritual Pilgrimage”: host outside speakers/organizers for an on-site, catered retreat on a specific “pilgrimage” topic with adults’ and kids’ tracks?
  2. Strengthening relationships (“Live Connected”!): Dinners for 8 for the whole congregation in a weekend? A family day at the park? (Connect these back to the retreat—or use them as preparation?)

Voters’ Assembly, March 5th After Worship: Renewal Grant

Come discuss and vote on the Renewal Grant just outlined!

Sweets and Serenades

St. Peter is excited to bring back this event to support RLA this year. Mark your calendar for Friday, April 28! Sign up under the slat wall to support, volunteer, and attend. See Krista Hunt with questions.

Vacation Bible School

St. Peter is pleased to announce that we will once again help sponsor Vacation Bible School at RLA the week of June 12-16. See information on the slat wall to participate (kids) and volunteer (teens/adults).

Bring your coffee and pray – for Pastor Clark, St. Peter, and the Church

Gather with Deaconess Amy Smessaert at 10am on Sundays for a brief time of prayer for Pastor Clark and the Church as we move forward in conversations about race, economics, and gender. We will pray for 6-8 minutes prior to worship. Meet in the south end of the sanctuary, by the stairwell. Copies of the prayer will be provided.

Ministry Updates and Opportunities

Adult Bible Studies and Small Groups

SUNDAY MORNING: Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah
Na-who? Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah are three of the so-called “minor prophets” – the shorter prophetic books in the Old Testament. But as we’ll see, these under-studied books pack a major punch! Come, learn, and discuss!
When: Sundays, 9am | Where: Church Fellowship Hall

TUESDAY EVENING (once monthly): Taking Off the Mask
This CONFIDENTIAL group gathers to process some of the harder things in life with God and each other. A meal is also shared and childcare provided as needed. If you wish to join us, please contact either Deaconess Amy Smessaert ( or Pastor Clark (

FRIDAY Night Bible Study: The Creed
We confess the Apostles’ Creed every Sunday. But have you ever studied it closely? Come join us on this walk through the core of the faith. All are invited! If you haven’t attended before, please contact a host so that they have a headcount: Mike Fonck ( or John Schroeder (; (574) 220-1530).

Time: Meal 6:30pm | Study 7-8:30pm
Dates: 1st and 3rd Fridays, except Good Friday (meeting dates are Mar 3 and 17, Apr 21, May 5 and 19)
Where: Fellowship Hall

Pick Your Next Usher Date!

Thanks to everyone who has served as an usher or part of an usher team. It’s time to pick another date to serve! Please sign up on the Sunday Servants sheet on the slat wall. You can see the specific list of duties, with video demos, here. A veteran usher will assist you and teach you one extra duty beyond communion each time you serve.

Crucifer: Pick a Date to Carry the Cross!

Anyone interested and able is invited to carry the Cross for the processional at the beginning of worship. Sign up on the Sunday Servants sheet in the Narthex and watch this video to prepare.

Church Set-up

If you are using the church for any reason and need the church set up a certain way, please contact Matt Rockwell at (574) 261-8318.

Coffee Hour/Hospitality

We need volunteers for hospitality on Sundays. Pick up some treats from the store such as mini rolls, strudel, fruit, donut holes, small cinnamon rolls, or similar. Total cost is no more than $20 (3-4 packages). There is a sign-up sheet and instructions on the table by the slat wall. Please contact Nancy Kroll if you have any questions at (574) 229-9496.

Last Week in the Lord’s Service
Week of February 19, 2023

General Fund: $2,986.58

Worship Attendance
Sunday, February 19: 104
Ash Wednesday, February 22: 89

M.A.C. Food Pantry
• food collected this week: 369 pounds
• this week’s shopping list: pancake mix, syrup, Jell-o
Contact Cindy Matthews (574) 855-3504 for more information.

Sewing Quilt Team
• Quilts this Week: 6
The Sewing Group meets Tuesdays to cut squares, size sheets, assemble backs and fronts of quilts, iron sheets, sew and pin quilts. Participants of ANY skill level from the least to the greatest are welcome. If you are interested in this human care ministry, contact Helga Platz (574) 514-3751 for more information.

Braille Bible Team
11 books of II Chronicles in Unified English Braille
Contact Sharon Csaszar (574) 904-1411 or Sandy Ellis (574) 220-3636 for more information.

Prayer Requests may be submitted by:
Announcements may be submitted by:
  • Using the online form:
  • Filling out an announcement form from the left of the slat wall in the Narthex and placing it on the pastor’s chair to the right of the Cross at the front of the sanctuary.

St. Peter Members Website Page
Did you know that we have a dedicated page just for members of St. Peter? This page contains the most current church directory; monthly celebrations for birthdays, baptism and wedding anniversaries; annual Kingdom Spending Plan (budget); monthly financial reports; MLT and Voter Assembly minutes and announcements; church Constitution, and more. NOTE: Password is the same as “prayers” password; call the church office with questions, 574-255-5585.

Zoom Videoconferencing
Changes have continued. If your group needs to use Zoom, please email PC at

Your St. Peter Leadership
  • Mission Leadership Team (MLT)
    Jeff Luppes (President)
    Rob Hunt III (Vice-President)
    Amy Carter (Secretary)
    David Luster-Bartz (Treasurer)
    Ninette Deliyannides (At-Large member)
    Elizabeth McGrath (At-Large member)
    Dylan Bergstrom (At-Large member)
  • Elders
    Chuck Ryan (Head Elder), Marty Orlowski, Brian Reedstrom, Mark Waldron, David Gurnee, John Schroeder, Jeff Rockwell
  • Pastors
    Pastor Bryan Borger, Senior Pastor
    Pastor Adam Clark, Associate Pastor

Office Hours:
Tu/Th: 9am-12pm
Wed: 8-10:30am
F: “Flex” (call to see)

Bryan Borger, Senior Pastor
Adam Clark, Outreach Pastor
Renee Peggs, Ministry Coordinator

Sunday Schedule

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