Announcements for August 13, 2023 -Summer Worship at 9am


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Summer Worship at 9am
Sunday Education Hour in recess until after Labor Day

The News

Directory Update:

Next Sunday! We will have a draft copy of the member directory for you to review and make any necessary changes ahead of printing for Rally Day. If you would like to have your picture included/retaken (especially if you have children), please sign up under the slat wall for Sunday, August 20 or August 27, before or after church. Or just show up ready to say “cheese!” Time commitment would be less than one minute. You can review your image to make sure you’re happy with it.

Sunday School Preparations: Could YOU serve our kids this Fall?

It is time to be thinking about staffing our Sunday school program for the next school year.  This takes at least nine people, and I know I have a few people who are not returning to their position.  There are five classrooms of students ranging from 2-18 years old, and I rely on four craft leaders who serve once a month in the early elementary class (ages 3-first grade) who walk the students through a prepared craft once a month. Teaching positions can be shared, so people aren’t committed to every week as well if that is interesting to some. We also have a good supply of subs available if you take a position but can’t make some weeks. Materials are provided. “Training” can be included if this is your first time engaging in this way. Class sizes are manageable. Classes begin on September 10 at 9 a.m. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact Krista Hunt ( 574-339-5479).

RLA Anniversary Picnic: Save the Date, Canopies Requested

The planning committee is hoping to borrow some pop-up canopies to use for the picnic on August 26. If you have one that would be available to be dropped off at the school by Friday, August 25, please contact Esther Nowicki at 574-514-7814 or  Thank you!

RLA Teacher Needed

Join the team at Resurrection Lutheran Academy as a 3rd grade teacher! RLA focuses on educating students through Christian love and grace. We are looking for an energetic, caring teacher who strives to create an environment where students can achieve socially, emotionally, and spiritually to the best of their ability. You must be comfortable communicating with parents, building student relationships and interacting with staff to develop a positive teamwork atmosphere. Some of your teaching responsibilities will include: religion, language arts, math, science, social studies, and art. Current teaching license and criminal background checks are required. Staff reports on August 1st and students begin on August 16th. Learn more about us on our website and submit your resume to the school office or email it to

Memory Verse Challenge

Did you know that the LCMS offers an opportunity for its members and churches to memorize scripture together? Each week, you can join other Lutherans in the discipline of committing scripture to memory. Why is this a good idea? These days, we have all the information we want, right at our fingertips: memorization of anything is rarely needed. But having God’s word in our hearts, readily available in any circumstance, is a great comfort and encouragement. Check out other benefits and motivations by clicking this link and then get started with this week’s verse!

Some members of St. Peter are already engaged in this discipline! Ask around, see if you can find someone who’s memorizing and see if they’ll help you get started. Anyone can join at any time.

Ministry Updates and Opportunities

Adult Bible Studies and Small Groups

TUESDAY EVENING (once monthly): Taking Off the Mask
This CONFIDENTIAL group gathers to process some of the harder things in life with God and each other. A meal is also shared and childcare provided as needed. If you wish to join us, please contact either Deaconess Amy Smessaert ( or Pastor Clark (

Pick Your Next Usher Date!

Thanks to everyone who has served as an usher or part of an usher team. It’s time to pick another date to serve! Please sign up on the Sunday Servants sheet on the slat wall. You can see the specific list of duties, with video demos, here. A veteran usher will assist you and teach you one extra duty beyond communion each time you serve.

Crucifer: Pick a Date to Carry the Cross!

Anyone interested and able is invited to carry the Cross for the processional at the beginning of worship. Sign up on the Sunday Servants sheet in the Narthex and watch this video to prepare.

Church Set-up

If you are using the church for any reason and need the church set up a certain way, please contact Matt Rockwell

Coffee Hour/Hospitality

We need volunteers for hospitality on Sundays. Pick up some treats from the store such as mini rolls, strudel, fruit, donut holes, small cinnamon rolls, or similar. Total cost is no more than $20 (3-4 packages). There is a sign-up sheet and instructions on the table by the slat wall. Please contact Nancy Kroll if you have any questions at (574) 229-9496.

Week of August 6, 2023

General Fund: $10,521.26
Memorials: $100
Maint/Capital Growth: $220
Endowment: $50
Pastor’s Discretionary: $25

Worship Attendance
Sunday 8/6: 99

M.A.C. Food Pantry
• food collected this week: 397 pounds
• this week’s shopping list: Jiffy mix, Jell-o, hamburger helper
Contact Cindy Matthews (574) 855-3504 for more information.

Sewing Quilt Team
Sewing resumes in September!
The Sewing Group meets Tuesdays to cut squares, size sheets, assemble backs and fronts of quilts, iron sheets, sew and pin quilts. Participants of ANY skill level from the least to the greatest are welcome. If you are interested in this human care ministry, contact Helga Platz (574) 514-3751 for more information.

Braille Bible Team
• Braille resumes in September!
Contact Sharon Csaszar (574) 904-1411 or Sandy Ellis (574) 220-3636 for more information.

Prayer Requests may be submitted by:
Announcements may be submitted by:
  • Using the online form:
  • Filling out an announcement form from the left of the slat wall in the Narthex and placing it on the pastor’s chair to the right of the Cross at the front of the sanctuary.

St. Peter Members Website Page
Did you know that we have a dedicated page just for members of St. Peter? This page contains the most current church directory; monthly celebrations for birthdays, baptism and wedding anniversaries; annual Kingdom Spending Plan (budget); monthly financial reports; MLT and Voter Assembly minutes and announcements; church Constitution, and more. NOTE: Password is the same as “prayers” password; call the church office with questions, 574-255-5585.

Zoom Videoconferencing
Changes have continued. If your group needs to use Zoom, please email PC at

Your St. Peter Leadership
  • Mission Leadership Team (MLT)
    Brian Reedstrom (President)
    David Seitz (Vice-President)
    Alex Homann (Secretary)
    David Luster-Bartz (Treasurer)
    Andrew Deliyannides (At-Large member)
    Elizabeth McGrath (At-Large member)
    Dylan Bergstrom (At-Large member)
  • Elders
    Chuck Ryan (Head Elder), Marty Orlowski, Brian Reedstrom, Mark Waldron, David Gurnee, John Schroeder, Jeff Rockwell
  • Pastors
    Pastor Bryan Borger, Senior Pastor
    Pastor Adam Clark, Associate Pastor

Office Hours:
Tu/Th: 9am-12pm
Wed: 8-10:30am
F: “Flex” (call to see)

Bryan Borger, Senior Pastor
Adam Clark, Outreach Pastor
Renee Peggs, Ministry Coordinator

Sunday Schedule

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